" " 10 methods to aware from Fake SEO service provider


Here are some tips how to aware from Fake SEO service provider

How can you also prevent yourself from falling into this trap? How do you know whether someone is trying to rip-off your business or not? Read on to find out how to aware of fake SEO service provider?

Fake SEO services are the modern day scams. They can cost you your business, and not just for a momentary span. Fake SEO providers know that people are looking for quick-fixes and have an array of pre-fabricated responses as well as cyber deceptions to try to convince you that they’re on your side.

The term “fake SEO” has caught the attention of various search engines, including Google. Google is actively monitoring websites, and those with fake content will be labeled as such.  So, the first thing that you can do to prevent yourself from getting scammed when hiring a service for marketing is to ensure that your website is genuine and does not contain any dishonest information about the company.

The second thing that you can be on the lookout for is the bait and switch attack. This is a very common scam to perform, and involves an SEO company that advertises that it will provide you with one service (usually on a low-costs basis), but then provides a different service altogether.

Other tactics that can be used in this situation include the company offering to place only a handful of links or give you very little content. In the end you end up not getting much back in return for what was promised at the beginning, which is why this is called “bait and switch”.

Another thing to look out for would be companies who try to pressure you into signing contracts immediately upon meeting them. This could mean that they have something to hide.

What companies can you trust? When you do find a company that seems like it’s trustworthy, start by asking for references and testimonials from past clients. Check the website to see if the company has listed any testimonials or reviews from its customers.

If you have a history of dealing with an SEO firm before, you can check your old invoices and see how much work was done in comparison with how much the company was paid for their services. This is especially effective if you are getting charged per page, because it will show if they did as much work as they said they would do on that page or not.


The fake SEO service provider company doesn’t work, and you may be losing money due to this. Before going into the details of what to look for in a potential fake service, it’s important to know the legal implications of hiring an SEO firm that isn’t legitimate.

Many people want top quality services for less costs and sometimes these companies are good enough at their “job” that they put on blocks of code that make it harder for you from getting found by search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. The genuine company will ask you for your information, and then only use it to do that job.

Website Promotion: Scammers promise you results from increasing traffic to your website. This could be from creating backlinks, the urgency of which is unnecessary, or using paid search advertisement campaigns to boost traffic. All services available on the web are supposed to be free, but not so with these unscrupulous companies.

Expert SEO: Scammers will invent SEO expertise in exchange for your money. Do let yourself be fooled by their claim of expert experience. Their expertise is derived from a book learned reading only, and not applied practices.

The best way you can avoid losing money to fake SEO scammers is to know how they operate. Avoid contact with anyone who promises web search engine optimization services that are free, or too good to be true especially if the company is asking for your credit card information up front. Real experts in this field cannot help you obtain higher search engine rankings without your informed consent and agreement to pay for the services offered.



METHOD 1. The first thing is to look and see if the company has an online presence at all. A fake SEO service provider will not have an online presence, they will probably have a website but if you go there it will be a generic WordPress website that is not easily ridiculed by the internet community because they do not have communication with their customers.

For example, if there is a link on the main page of the website talking about products and services, it might be uncommon for such site to operate for that long because once people know about them, they most likely won’t visit their website as often as normal people would.

METHOD 2. The second thing is to look at the website’s domain name. When you are looking for a fake SEO service provider, then the domain name of the website you are visiting can tell a lot of information about them because they will not have their own domain names. Instead, they would own other domains that are related to different areas such as health supplements, beauty products, and even blogs about selling something or other. In this particular case, you can think of any site such as live-juice-extracts.com instead of www.live-juice-extracts.com .

METHOD 3. The third thing is to look into their background. A fake SEO service provider will not be a registered company, which means they will be a “mailbox” business that is essentially operating without any legal standing. This means they are not liable to you as a customer and they are not liable to the Australian government because they are just operating with basic mailboxes that allow them to access the internet and send emails.

The only way you would be able to check this out is by looking at the company’s domain name and see whether or not there is an ABN number added on, which indicates that the company has been registered as an Australian business. If they have no ABN, then they are just using a personal mailbox to send and receive information.

METHOD 4. The fourth thing is to look at the website of the fake SEO service provider. If there is an FAQ page, it will most likely be full of completely random information that has no relation whatsoever with the company’s business model. This can also happen if you visit their contact page, because if they really exist as a business entity then they would have to have some sensible and relevant contact information instead of something that was just unattached from their entire business model.

METHOD 5. The fifth thing is to look into the website’s website builder. It will be very unlikely that they could have their own website because they are using the web builder of a company that is not necessarily related to digital marketing because a fake SEO service provider will not have enough money to create their own website.

METHOD 6. The last thing is to consider whether or not there is any information about them on Google or Bing. If there are no results on Google, then you are most likely looking at a fake SEO service provider. If they do have results, but they only have links of other people who are saying bad things about them, then they are also most likely fake SEO providers.

METHOD 7. The seventh thing is to consider whether or not the person responding to you will be able to speak English with any fluency. If it seems like their first language is not English, then you could be dealing with a foreign SEO company that uses a translator for their communication purposes.

METHOD 8. The eighth thing is to consider whether or not the company can show you any certificate of legitimacy and registration. If a person is trying to get you to sign up for a fake SEO service, then they will probably not have a certificate of legitimacy and registration around them because this means that they are operating legally as an entity in Australia. They will not have an ABN number in some cases because it’s very common for fake SEO service providers to operate with mailboxes and without legal standing, making it very difficult to track them down if they’re using multiple mailboxes or even if they’re just using their own house as their mailing address.

METHOD 9. The ninth thing you can do is run a background check on the company. There are a lot of sites out there that can allow you to do this but you can try Google search because they would be the first place to look.

You can check if they’re registered your area, check if they have any history with the Australian government and local or state government, or even check their registration details in some areas such as the registration number and their status so that you could be sure that they’re operating legally in Australia.

METHOD 10. The tenth thing you can do is go online and ask on forums whether or not a company is legit or not. It’s very likely that these companies will not be able to operate legally in Australia because Australia is a business-friendly country and if they are operating illegally, then other people would have every reason to report them.

You could also ask if the forum’s members are happy with the service provided by this company and you could report it, too, if some members of the forum were unhappy with the service. You could also type in your details into Google or Bing and search for other people complaining about fake SEO service providers.

These are ten ways that you can spot a fake SEO service provider in order to avoid being scammed by them.

A fake SEO service provider will take your money and you won’t be able to track them down. They would also not be happy about you taking legal action against them even if they are operating legally because they would most likely disappear without any notice or even contact you. You should definitely avoid this from happening by simply following these tips, which is the reason why we put these tips up in the first place.

If you follow this guide, it’s very likely that you will not be scammed by a fake SEO service provider. Make sure that each of these steps were followed, in order to ensure that you are buying only Real SEO services and not fake ones.

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